Why Join The Laughlin Chamber Of Commerce

Why Should I join the Chamber of Commerce

The benefits of Chamber membership are numerous. Some benefits will be more important to you than others. The main benefits though are universal. Chamber membership conveys credibility and stability to your customers. Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce will open the door to many contacts that can help your business grow through the power of referrals and networking.


GET CONNECTED!    Membership Benefits
Join the more than 300 businesses that have decided to take an active role in their community through Chamber membership while receiving a host of programs and services designed to help businesses of all sizes grow and prosper. Membership in the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce works for you all year long through immediate benefits that take effect the day you join. In addition to opportunities to market your business and build your business network, you can take advantage of Chamber Benefits, which provide access to exclusive members-only advantages.

MIXERS – Who you know does make a difference! Make important business contacts at Chamber functions such as “After 5 Business Network” Mixers. These are opportunities for  Members to meet one another, exchange business cards, learn more about one another and even pick up a  business opportunity.

SPECIAL EVENTS – Twice a year, the Chamber hosts two very special  events. In the early part of the summer is the “Chefs Food Fest” which raises funds for the local community charity the River Fund, Inc. Following in October is the “Community Achievement Awards” another one of our signature events that recognizes those unsung heros in our community.  Both of these events offer a huge opportunity to network your business with sponsorships.


BUSINESS CARDS & BROCHURES – Your business cards and brochures are displayed in our Visitors Information Center/ Chamber Business Resource Center. We average approximately 100 visitors a day through our facility, which enhances our opportunity to provide increased exposure for your business.

REFERRAL SERVICE – A built-in referral service is provided for Chamber members by our friendly Visitors Information Center Staff. We receive countless inquiries on a daily basis regarding services and products available in Colorado River Region. What ever it is they are looking for from pool cues to legal services, we refer our members to our walk-in visitors and telephone inquiries. As a Chamber Member, we make it our business to refer yours!

WEBSITE BUSINESS DIRECTORY – Our website business membership directory lists your business under specific categories relating to your trade or service. Each month, members have the opportunity to be showcased on the home page as the “Chamber Member of the Month”. If your company has a website, we will link to your site through ours.

MAILING LABELS – “Labels Are Us” – We maintain continuously updated mailing labels of our membership for use by our members for special promotional mailings, newsletters or other marketing opportunities. Mailing labels may be purchased by Chamber members at a nominal fee through the Chamber Business Resource Center.

WEBSITE & NEWSLETTER ADVERTISING – Both of these products are furnished electronically and offer a variety of advertising opportunities for your business including marketplace which if you do not have a website could be yours for a nominal fee,  flyers, ad copy and special promotions. For details and pricing, contact our Executive Director, Connie Davis, at 702-298-2214 or cdavis@laughlinchamber.org.


Directories and Listings

Laughlin Chamber of Commerce Community Guide – Our Community Guide is published annually and serves as the official directory of all our Chamber members along with their address and phone numbers. Other information in the magazine includes area demographics, hospital and airport information, clubs and organizations, recreation and helpful phone numbers. This added information makes this a very popular publication and it is distributed in the Visitors Information Center and the Business Resource Center as well as by mail to persons seeking information about our area. Copies can also be found in business in both in Bullhead City and Laughlin. The directory listing is a definite benefit for our members and is provided free of charge.The Community Guide is published each year in May by News West Publishing.  This is your opportunity to showcase your business in a beautiful collateral piece that is sent all over the United States and Canada.  This not only reaches those who are contemplating relocation, but also those folks who will be visiting our community and if you place your business ad those visitors could possibly be your next customer.  The sales representatives will be calling your business in May so don't delay and showcase your business this year! 

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY – The Membership Directory is maintained by the Chamber Business Resource Center and contains the business name, contact person, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail and web site addresses of all the Chamber members including their business category. This listing is maintained on a daily basis to insure accuracy and to make sure up-to-date information is available for our members and the general public. This is one of our primary resource documents and is available through the Chamber Administrative Office.

SPECIALIZED CATEGORY LISTINGS – In addition to our membership directory and the listings contained in theCommunity Guide Directory, we also provide handouts listing certain specialty categories. These include such listings as hotels, schools, restaurants, churches, golf courses and mobile home/RV Parks. These handouts are very popular and provide a means for visitors to take the information with them in a convenient form. It’s another form of referral service to drive business to your door.


WORKSHOPS and Seminars – Several educational meetings are scheduled throughout the year with a variety of subjects and interesting topics.

NEVADA SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER – The Laughlin Chamber is a Small Business Development Center and we are able to provide you with an array of information, advice and assistance free of charge. If you are looking to start a new business or you need help with an existing business we are here to assist.   Our office has access to services from state to federal agencies that can assist your business, help start a new business and mentor you thru the process or assist with business retention and expansion.

SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – We maintain the latest information booklets on a variety of topics exclusively for the small business owner.  If there is a topic or issue of interest or a concern to a member, we will either provide the information on the spot or immediately liaison with other agencies to obtain the information as quickly as possible. 

SPEAKER LUNCHEONS – This activity can be labeled as a networking, educational, and informative event all rolled into one. Each quarter, the Chamber sponsors a luncheon at one of our top quality restaurants in the area and features a guest speaker. The topics are broad in nature and cover national, state, and local issues that matter to business. Prices are reasonable and a good return on investment 



Advertising FLYERS – Another resource provided to our members is the opportunity to display your flyers on our Website for endless distribution to viewers and potential customers. Located in the “Chamber Marketplace” portion of our Website homepage, your flyer is posted in color allowing the viewer to click and bring up the flyer to read and/or print out. The huge benefit is the tremendous exposure on the world wide web and the savings in printing costs; we only need your design in one of several electronic formats and we’ll do the rest. Whether it’s announcing a 50% off sale, a new product line or just to provide an awareness tool, adding your insert into the Chamber Website is an economical way to reach large numbers. A nominal fee is charged to cover insertion and only Chamber members may take advantage of this benefit.

INTERNET RESEARCH – We review and research more than fourteen (14) tourism and business related websites daily. We do this each morning before we open our doors for business because we believe it is our responsibility to stay on the leading edge of information that affects your business!

Market Research – Membership in the Chamber provides you with sources of information for business trends and forecasts, real estate development, business opportunities, availability of capital and financing and employment opportunities.



LOCAL LEVEL – Chamber staff members work closely with local city government officials, the Mayor and City Council. Staff members also serve on various boards and commissions including the Mohave County Airport Authority, Bullhead Regional Economic Development Authority, Bullhead City Capital Improvements Advisory Committee, and City Commercial Sign Sub-Committee.

 The Chamber has a very good working relationship with our state legislators in both the Senate and House of Representatives. We are a member of the Nevada Chamber Collation, which lobby's in for our small business and watches out for bills that could be harmful or costly to our members. 

FEDERAL LEVEL – Your voice does not stop at the border! Chamber administrators stay in close contact with members or our congressional delegation. Federal agencies on our “frequent list” include the Departments of Commerce, Transportation, and Education as well as our Senators and Representatives.


AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE PROGRAM – A complete health care  program is available through  the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce  We offer one of the most extensive consumer-driven healthcare  programs.

OURISM – We continue to drive visitors to our market so that our community business will prosper and grow as we are a business based chamber working for our businesses.  Our mission is to assist small business with business expansion and retention, develop workforce and continue to reach out to the nation for economic growth for our area.  This has increased the number of visitors to the area, which has translated into more economic opportunity, more customers and increased revenue for our business community.  Among other things, we continue to focus on tourism and it has paid off in terms of the drive-in market and its impact upon how we  fare in terms of the economy.


* Networking

* Government Advocacy

* Credibility

* Learning Opportunities

* Benefits and Discounts

* Community Involvement
* Publicity

* Referrals

* Chamber Media

* Volunteers Programs

* Business Resource Center

* Free Resource Counseling

We are serious about business and we support, promote, represent, and market our Chamber Investors in a number of innovative as well as traditional ways.  We look forward to working together for your success and being a good business community advocate.  We hope you will make the smart decision to partner with the more than 300 other businesses that have decided to take an active roll in their community through Chamber membership while receiving a host of programs and services designed to help businesses of all sizes 


What does the Chamber of Commerce do?

The majority of Chamber work focuses on economic development, business expansion and retention and workforce development, attracting visitors to our communities and

encouraging them to patronize the businesses, services, and attractions offered by our

Members. We continually inform residents and visitors about the importance of a strong local economy.

How does the Chamber do this?

  • Our website averages 30,000 hits per month. All of our members are listed here.
  • We refer approximately 1000 callers to our members every month.
  • We refer an average of 2000 walk-in visitors to our members each month.
  • We produce the annual Community Calendar of Events that is sent out with every request for information, as well as maintain the web calendar of events on the internet.
  • We represent and promote our members on the local, state, national, and international levels through our numerous affiliations with other organizations.

What else does the Chamber do?

  • We stay informed on the issues that effect your business and your quality of life.
  • We let our strong, united voice be heard at the local and national levels when
  • necessary for the benefit of our members.
  • We are ambassadors for our communities in everything we do.
  • We coordinate our efforts with those of other groups to expose our membership
  • to as many people as possible
  • We prepare a quarterly newsletter to keep you up to date on what is happening.
  • We issue broadcast emails weekly in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

What are some of the other benefits of Membership?



  • A state of the art website with over 30,000 hits per month.
  • Access to advertising on the website at a nominal fee per month.
  • Chamber Ribbon Cutting offers a free media opportunity for your business.
  • New members introduced and given the opportunity to address our membership and share literature about your company, product's or service.
  • New members listed in quarterly newsletter
  • Opportunity to host a Chamber mixer (another media opportunity)
  • All members are listed on Chamber website and in other collateral pieces.
  • All members can display their brochures in the Chamber literature rack.
  • Only Chamber members are listed in our relocation publication sent to perspective new residents and to visitor inquiring about our communities.  The Community Guide is our Signature Collateral piece printed in June of each year and limited to Chamber members only.  It is an opportunity to showcase your business not only locally, but all over the United States and Canada.
  • Our Membership list is only given out to Chamber members, with labels available for only $15.00.
  • Regular monthly membership meetings featuring timely topics relative to business today.
  • Informative workshops and seminars.
  • We offer job listings on our Website that allows employers to post job openings and potential employees to see what jobs are available.
  • The Chamber now accepts credit cards for the convenience of our members.



Who runs the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber is presently operated by a paid staff of three employees that report directly to the eleven member Board of Directors. The Chamber Director, Administrative Assistant and Administrative Consultant handle the day to day operations of the Chamber office.  Volunteers In Partnership, another arm of our organization, not only support the chamber by volunteering for events and in the office, but are also ambassadors for the Chamber of Commerce in the community.