LAUGHLIN, NV—Colorado Belle’sPints Brewery & Sports Bar has been awarded two Gold Medals.  Chili IPA and “El Jefe” Mexican Lager, won the medals in the prestigious Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition held June 7-8.  Chili IPA won in the Field Beer category, and Mexican Lager took home top honors in the American Style Amber Lager category.   Eighty-four categories with 30 to 225 entries per category were judged at the event.  Brewmaster Chuck Croix entered 5 beers in the competition, including Chili IPA, Mexican Lager, Watermelon Wheat, Bodacious Blueberry and German Bock, all extremely popular at Pints.  “We were very excited to receive word about the medals.  We work hard to brew excellent beer, and it’s great to have an international competition recognize the results,” Croix said.  In 2013, Pints’ Bodacious Blueberry Beer was awarded the Bronze medal in the fruit beer category at the same competition.  In addition to keeping tanks and kegs filled with the regular beers, Chuck introduces new seasonal beers.  Watch for Mango IPA, coming soon!

Pints microbrews are served at bars throughout Colorado Belle and Edgewater (Colorado Belle’s sister resort) including The Loading Dock Bar & Grille, which features El Jefe Mexican Lager, “Nonetheweizer” American Hefeweizen, Golden Ale and What the Puck IPA.  The brewery’s Golden Ale is also served at most major concerts in the Edgewater’s E Center.


Chili IPA is becoming a regular offering at Pints, and El Jefe Mexican Lager is one of four house beers in the Loading Dock Bar & Grille at Colorado Belle.

CHILI IPA:  Copper-colored medium body beer with a blend of roasted chilies and a generous quantity of hops in the kettle and in the fermentation tank.  Slight note of honey from our malt.  The hops dominates the flavor with notes of citrus in this American IPA.  6% ABV

EL JEFE MEXICAN LAGER:  A dark malty flavored Vienna style lager.  There are hints of roast coffee and chocolate.  8% ABV


Pints Premium Golden Ale—A well balanced, light, refreshing ale that finishes dry and crisp.

Rehab Red—An American amber ale with a generous amount of hops that balances the sweetness of lots of caramel malt.

What the Puck IPA—Copper-colored medium body beer with a generous amount of hops in the kettle and in the fermentation tank.  Slight note of honey from our malt.  The hops dominates the flavor with notes of citrus in this American IPA.  6% ABV

Jackass Stout—Hints of coffee and chocolate lend character to Jackass Stout; served on nitrogen for an extra smooth body.

Bodacious Blueberry Ale—Bodaciously delicious, this ale is made with real fruit for a refreshing, noticeable flavor that isn’t overpowering.

Wild Card Brew—In addition to the five primary beers brewed in Pints, one or more Wild Card Brews are featured in Pints:  Nut Brown Ale, (ABV 5%), Double IPA (ABV 10.5%) and American Hefeweizen (ABV 5.5%).

Root Beer is on tap!  The Brewmaster’s Root Beer has been pronounced “delicious, better than A&W’s”.  Available only in Pints.

The Colorado Belle and Edgewater Casino Resorts are owned and operated by Marnell Gaming, LLC, a limited liability corporation which owns gaming establishments in Laughlin, Nevada. The corporation develops, expands and acquires gaming-related properties and is focused on providing a unique portfolio of gaming offerings to its guests.


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