Re-Opening & Support

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Measures for the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce

The Laughlin Nevada Chamber of Commerce has been serving Laughlin residents and tristate businesses for over 32 years. We are the fabric of the Colorado River Region’s communities and have always responded when the community has called upon us. From sponsoring a local Little League team to establishing Community Achievement Awards with tristate student scholarships, and presentation of the most anticipated event of the year, the Chef’s Food Fest, the Laughlin Chamber Board of Directors, staff and dedicated volunteers (VIPs) are generally the first to help. Our members, communities and many 501c3 beneficiaries, of our historical annual events, depend on us and we are working hard
to ensure that our services do not stop.

The recent COVID-19 crisis our communities are dealing with is no different. We have continued to provide vital information from state resources to our members, assist businesses with completion of relief applications, and provide encouragement to stay open and keep employees on the payroll. We have nominated Laughlin businesses for grant funding, and we are still fighting hard for the 501c6 organizations to be included in the eligibility of the Payroll Protection Program by meeting and writing letters to our state and federal leaders. It should be noted that this continued effort by the staff and our Board of Directors has been accomplished while working from home.


It is in a chamber’s core to give back and be an example for other businesses. As our communities emerge from this crisis, our Laughlin Chamber will be called upon to assist throughout the communities in the tristate, and we will be a key example of support, volunteerism, business sector marketing and partnerships in driving what will be a long, challenging, but ultimately a successful economic recovery.

As a final part of this introduction is the definition of what makes up the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce. Basically, it consists of its members and supporters who in turn elect a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are all members of the chamber either as members or supporters. The Board of Directors in turn elect an Executive Committee who functions as the governing committee responsible for chamber direction. The daily operations of the chamber are handled by the staff (four individuals) under the direction of the chamber
CEO/President. As an ancillary arm of the chamber, there is an organization titled, “Volunteers in Partnership” commonly referred to as the “VIPs”. This group volunteers within the community and provides a vital function in the success of community and chamber

VIP (Volunteers in Partnership)

Our incredible team of volunteers work in partnership with the Chamber, and that is how they got to be our “VIP’s”


Our VIP’s do an amazing job of supporting our community events, with thousands of volunteer hours and financial donations to a variety of local charities, courtesy of local events where they volunteer and accept “tips” or other small fees. 


They meet once per month, on the second Tuesday at 5:00pm NV at the various locations. They suspend meetings during June, July and August.


Our VIPs are available for community events at the discretion of the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Carrie Issac Larson, and the Chamber VIP Liaison, Joyce Moreno.


For more information, call (702) 298-2214.


To sign up as a volunteer, you can stop by the Laughlin Chamber to pick up an application Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30pm PST.

Are you a non-profit (501-C-3/501-C-8) organization looking for extra funds?