A diverse group of cactus, trees, flowers and animals call the Mojave Desert home. Copious amounts of water in the desert environment lend to a diverse population of furry, prickly, hardy and abundant wildlife.

Birdwatchers from across the globe flock to the Tri-state to observe the numerous species who call the vibrant river valley home, including bald eagles, thrashers, black tailed gnatcatchers, roadrunners, ospreys and falcons. Many only winter in the desert but several remain year

Birds aren’t the only winged creatures calling the Tri-State home. Laughlin hosts 17 of the region’s 28 bat species, including Myotic Brown Bat, Spotted Bat and Townsend’s Big-Eared Bat. While in Laughlin also look for desert tortoise, beaver, big horn sheep, mountain lion, jack rabbit, badger, raccoon, fox, skunk, wild horse, wild burro, bobcat, gila monster, chuckwalla, sidewinder, Mojave rattlesnake, western diamondback, scorpion, tarantula and horned lizard.

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